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Chapter President's Report

It is an honor to assume the role of President in 2019.  I want to thank the members who have volunteered to participate on the Chapter’s 2019 committees. We are currently looking for members interested in serving on the 2020 board. John Rimar will chair the Nominating Committee this year. Please reach out to John if you are interested in serving. The slate of 2020 nominees will be presented to the membership for vote at the June membership meeting.


We had a successful Spring CE Symposium on March 5th with numerous people in attendance. Members of Bert Westover’s family were our honored guests for lunch, and awarded scholarships for continuing education to four recipients, including Candidate Megan Woods.



Three Board members attended the Joint Regional Meeting in Orlando, Florida in February. Topics included a discussion on how to increase residential membership, how to increase member participation at the Chapter level and how to improve delivery of Qualifying Education to members.


While in Orlando, we also participated in a one-day Mini-LDAC (Leadership Development and Advisory Council) session to discuss how to better the Industry and our Organization.  There is a push by National to get more Chapter members involved in the LDAC program.


Another important topic of discussion was the changing structure of the Organization. No decision has been made regarding the possible elimination of the Regions; it doesn’t seem to be a priority at this time.


Finally, it was announced that CFMAP (Chapter Financial Management and Administration Policy) will be implemented by all Chapters by 12-31-2020. It was reported that 70% of the Chapters (including the Greater St. Louis Chapter) have already converted to the new system. This Policy moves financial management of Chapter resources to National. Check writing is handled from Chicago, for example.


Thank you for your support of the Greater St. Louis Chapter and your attendance at our meetings and educational offerings. I will look forward to seeing you in June at our Chapter Membership meeting.


Russell N. Rench, MAI



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Mark Linne Book List

From Mark Linne....per the popular request of attendees of his seminars who were interested in further reading:


I wasn't sure if you wanted the list of books in the presentation or my books-so I'll provide both lists and you can choose what to include:


Life 3.0:  Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Max Tegard


Digital Human:  The Fourth Revolution of Humanity Includes Everyone

Chris Skinner


The Master Algorithm

Pedro Domingos


The Future of the Professions

Richard Susskind

Daniel Susskind


My Books:


A Guide to Appraisal Valuation Modeling

Kane, Linne, Dell


Practical Application in Appraisal Valuation Modeling

Kane, Linne


Visual Valuation

Linne, Thomson-Editors


 All of the books are on Amazon, but the best place for my books is the Appraisal Institute website.

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